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This is an encyclopedia of fictional characters and places. All similarities to real people (living or dead) are purely coincidental. Probably. Well, mostly coincidental, at least.

This is a highly specialized wiki, and as such it is locked. People who've played with us at some point are welcome to request an account if they want their characters and games added to things (even things that you didn't necessarily play with us!), but yeah... it's kind of a private thing.

Getting Started

A good place to start browsing the site would probably be with the Big Category of Categories/Categories - or jump straight to Characters (or more specifically, the different Pairings), Games, Logs, Places or Timelines. If you've forgotten what we were planning on doing next (or if you have a great idea for the future), there's always Plots. Whatever floats your boat and tickles your pickle.

Also good to remember the Templates.

Another place of interest might be the (off-wiki) log site.


Remember to check out the character birthdays, to see who's getting to be a year older soon!

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