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Fire Nation emblem

The Fire Nation from the World of Avatar.



Fire Nation map

Mostly everything you could ever want to know about the Fire Nation can be found out at the Avatar Wiki article on the Fire Nation.

The Fire Nation is one of the world's four nations and five sovereign states. It is an absolute monarchy led by the Fire Lord and home to most firebenders. Geographically, the nation is located along the planet's equator in the western hemisphere and is composed of several islands. Its capital is simply known as the Fire Nation Capital.
The Fire Nation is the second-largest nation in terms of area, following the Earth Kingdom, while its economy is the most powerful in the world; its strong industrial sector and extensive technological developments not only enabled the Fire Nation to create an extremely powerful military, but also initiated the worldwide modernization and globalization. Before the foundation of the United Republic and the following global technological revolution, it was also the strongest and most advanced country in the world.

The Amazing Quest to Save the Avatar

During the era of our game The Amazing Quest to Save the Avatar, these are the people of the Fire Nation.

  • Fire Lord Sozin.
  • Avatar Roku.
  • Chancellor Chao. Evil scheming chancellor, the true man behind the plot to kill Meizhen.
  • Princess Meizhen. 16 years old, daughter of Fire Lord Sozin. Killed by poison right at the start of the game.
  • Yi. 16 year old master firebender and companion to princess Meizhen. Is accused of having poisoned the princess and has to run. Kurousagi-clone.
  • Zhi. 20 year old master firebender and member of the royal family. Is determined to catch princess Meizhen's killer. Himura-clone.
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